Gabriel Heintjes



My cuisine should surprise and inspire. Seasonal Swiss products, as well as the welfare of animals, nature and the environment are close to our hearts.





My pronounced curiosity and love of experimentation drives me to always try out and create something new. Whether it's combining ingredients, fiddling with consistencies or exploring new techniques.

Terroir Suisse:

We cook exclusively with the best products and ingredients from Switzerland. Well, almost, for spices, chocolate and vanilla, for example, we make an exception. We can't imagine a Switzerland without chocolate either. In this way, we want to support regional suppliers and producers, and also make our contribution to sustainability.

No Food Waste:

Terms like root to leaf and nose to tail have long been part of everyday life. You will seldom find any prime cuts in our kitchen. In our kitchen we follow an internal circular economy. The idea is to use a product as completely as possible. In doing so, we sometimes integrate leaves, roots and unknown pieces of meat into our menus. Even "waste" that is created during processing is reused.

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